19 days of the fags

Wow, the worst part (the first two weeks) are over. Really is a miserable experience giving up the Marlboro Reds I’ve smoked at 30ish per day for the past 13 years. 3rd attempt at it, and hopefully third time lucky, first time I managed 8 weeks a two years ago, a pathetic 8 days last year. Last year didn’t really count as I had a crazy idea I’d still smoke cigars after meals, funny how controlled smoking didn’t work either…..
Well still got my nicotine patch on, so not given up the drug quite yet, but at least the grumpy constant suppressed anger has started to subside after this little period. Seven years 5 days off the drink and 19 days off the cigarettes, a day at a time, still not giving up caffeine anytime soon tho.

As an aside thought I’d test drive the new Firefox beta (Bon Echo) as the ebuild just landed masked in Gentoo portage. Seems the “must have” new feature to justify the upgrade from 1.5 is the inline spell checking in text boxes as you type in the web browser, it’s an absolute god send for my crapness at spelling.

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