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I’ve always kept an lazy eye on the AA/recovery related sites out there particually those in the UK. The Electronic Communications Team at GSO is York have been doing some great work on the official UK AA site adding some great stuff for both the public but also members of the Fellowship, including forums/doc repositories and even an online shop for conference approved material.

The advent of addicts blogging recovery still leaves me unsure as to whether it’s a good thing or not to be bearing fragile souls to the internet, that’s not just a recovery thing though rather the nature of blogging, but there are some really great recovery blogs out there.
Check out sober chick who’s gratitude for recovery and life is a good reminder to me of its importance when my head is disapearing up my arse.

Phils Recovery Shed has evolved into a great unofficial UK AA site, with an emphasis on Fellowship/Community, Phil has done a supurb job of putting together a very slick recovery site with a growing Forum at its heart with over 80 members.

Phils Recovery Shed

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