Happy New Year and Now is a Time to be careful.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the Internet and Recovery peeps, this must have been the quietest Christmas Holiday I’ve ever had and I must say that the break has been much needed. Contrast that to last years Christmas Ghana trip, for my brothers wedding, it has certainly been less eventful and far colder but good all the same.

Passing on a message that was given me in my early days which was to be careful post holiday period. Particularly after my first few Christmases in recovery I found, having had my defences up against the excesses of the period around me, January was quite a comedown. There also seems a higher than normal rate of relapse after Christmas, so I will, as usual, up my meetings for a bit and get back into a regular routine.

Keep Safe and Happy.


  1. Sober Chick

    hAAppy new yeAAr!!!

    I have a sober Holiday hang over, I understand the sadness. However I don’t think mine is due to depression. I had a wonderful Holiday and miss the energy. :)

    Your site is looking wonderful. So here is to helping out our HP and helping others find their way into the rooms of the Fellowhship.

    Take Care.

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