That was the year that was 2007

Another calender year not drunk, another sober birthday, another sober AA birthday another sober Xmas and another sober New years eve.

2007’s highlight was certainly falling in love my my lovely Girlfriend and getting to know her two girls, getting a Happy Christmas Dad card from the youngest made me blub a little.
Had a fantastic Xmas with C and the Girls, bought then built a massive tree which was loaded with decorations and overflowing underneath with presents for everyone. Even secured the much in demand Nintendo Wii although resorted to throwing money at that problem on ebay to get it and suffering from aching arms from playing too much tennis.

No idea what 2008 will bring, only hope its as good as 2007, if I start making too many plans for my life God develops a sense of humour and comes up with different ones for me, though to be fair so far his plans have worked out far better than mine.

Happy New year to anyone coming across this little site, my it be a safe one and for those in the fellowship of AA a sober one.

Tree Loaded with Prezzies

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  1. Chris W

    greetings john,

    Happy new year! Thankyou for your sober thoughts. I love AA and all that it has allowed into my life.


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