I’m a Brit but please Vote Obama

I may have no vote in Tuesdays election, but everyone will be effected by Tuesday’s US vote. I’m also a whore for a rather large US company to pay my bills.

We’ve had a Dry Drunk running the US for the past 8 years which has drawn the UK into two ‘Energy wars’ in Iraq and Afghanistan, if there were no Oil or Gas pipelines in these countries would we be there?

The Democrats have a recent history of JFK, Carter and Clinton, not perfect but beat the hell out of the Nixons, Reagons and Bush’s of this world. Can you imagine another dose of Bush in McCain or even worse still following the possible premature demise of McCain the prospect of Palin in the Whitehouse. This planet would officialy be more F**ked than it is already.

AA has no opinion on politics, but I do This is not a great political argument on my behalf but a 3am insomniatic rant.

Please Vote Obama

Please Vote Obama

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