Quit Smoking Time Again

For what is now probably the 7th time I’ve given up smoking….. again. 2 Months this time, my 2nd best attempt so far, managed 7 months a couple of years ago.
Trickiest times have not been the obvious ones, at the moment it’s sitting in the sun and every time I get in the car.
Guess it’s like the booze, it’s not the elephants that get you but the little rabbits you have to watch out for.

Kept up the photography project 365 as well. Severely struggled at times with the days picture being a piece of crap shot at the end of a busy day.Is turning into quite a good record of what has been a quite memorable year so far.  Some of the best have been.

41/365 British Seaside Funfair in the Winter26/365 Incinerator30/365 Up the Tracks - Leaving Portsmouth35/365 Parking51/365 Beautiful LadyMortons House Hotel - Corfe Castle50/365 Corfe Castle at Sunset

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