I Am Not A Duck

I Am Not A Duck

I may look like a Duck and walk like a Duck
and quack like a Duck and drink like a Duck
but I am NOT a Duck. I am an Eagle in Disguise.

But if you could prove to me that it is respectable to be a Duck,
I might consider being one.
But don`t waste your time… my mind is made up.
I think it is shameful to be a Duck. I won`t be a Duck.

It`s so lonely here among all these Ducks. I am so out of place here.
But for some reason, none of the other Eagles will have anything to do with me.
Why are Eagles so cruel?
Some of the Ducks are quite nice. It`s too bad I`m an Eagle.

No, it isn`t! I`m glad I`m an Eagle.
Even if I WERE a Duck, I wouldn`t stay a Duck. I would become an Eagle.
I can be anything I want to be and I owe it to myself to be an Eagle.
Ducks are terrible. I hate Ducks.

I keep trying to swoop down and grab a rabbit in my claws.
But I can`t do it, I have webbed feet.
It`s all the Lords`s fault. Why would make an Eagle with webbed feet?
If I starve to death, The Lord will have only herself to blame.
I do my part…why doesn`t she do hers?

The Ducks all want to help me. But how can they?
What does a Duck know about an Eagle`s problems?
Why can`t they mind their own business?
Why don`t the Eagles offer to help? Someday I`ll get even with those Eagles.
I hate them. I`m beginning to like Ducks better than I do Eagles.

Being an Eagle is killing me. Not being a Duck is killing me.
I don`t know what`s killing me. I just know I`m dying.
Help me Spirit, Spirit help me.
Guess what Lord!
I am a Duck…wether I like it or not…I`m a Duck.

Why didn`t you tell me? I have forgotten how to act.
Show me Lord, how to be a Duck. Help me. Help me be a good Duck.
Ducks are the best people in the World. I love Ducks.
I`m grateful to be a Duck

© by John Foster, USA