Is it a Painting or a Photograph? | Inspiration

This is so cool.Blending Photography and Painting Alexa Meade



Is it a Painting or a Photograph? | Inspiration.

Internet Gems

More little gems from the internet sent to me by my buddy Damon that help get me through my latest bout of insomnia.

The Time Magazines “Best Photos of 2006” have some very powerful disturbing, inspiring and awesome images.

Time magazine photo of the year 2006

Also check out this funny and rather thought provoking short animation “Hallucii.”

And for the bizarre tastes of pet lovers the internet caters for there is the “Cat Stroller” and the “Delux Cat Stroller”
Cat Stroller

Delux Cat Stroller

Tokyo Storm Drains

Tokyo Storm Drains

 Fabulous images from the Tokyo Storm Drains, full Gallery in Japanese.


Shuttle Launch

Copyright Ben Wang 

Copyright Ben Wang

Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. This is a five minute exposure taken from about 7 miles away from the pad. Taken with a borrowed all-manual Nikomat camera, 24 mm lens, f/16, Kodak Royal Gold 100 film. When the exposure was stopped in this shot, the shuttle was approximately 229 statute miles downrange.