Internet Gems

More little gems from the internet sent to me by my buddy Damon that help get me through my latest bout of insomnia.

The Time Magazines “Best Photos of 2006” have some very powerful disturbing, inspiring and awesome images.

Time magazine photo of the year 2006

Also check out this funny and rather thought provoking short animation “Hallucii.”

And for the bizarre tastes of pet lovers the internet caters for there is the “Cat Stroller” and the “Delux Cat Stroller”
Cat Stroller

Delux Cat Stroller

Well that didn’t work & Happy Birthday Mark H

After 3 1/2 weeks off the fags a weekend back on em after a minor car crash set me off smoking again, justified in my addictive head as a way to control the anger and self pity, thank god no one was hurt and the thought of a drink is far away in moments like that today. Reset the smoking clock and back to 24hrs,

Happy 5th birthday to Mark H, top night Saturday celebrating and a visit my first ever Drag Cabaret at Rubyz in the court of Dame Kitty Glitter, an hilarious evenings entertainment.

And as a minor aside “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as never seen before, especially love that drumming.