Frank Turner – Recovery

Another great track from Frank which should ring a bell for Alcoholic’s and Addicts alike.



And you know your life is heading in a questionable
direction when you’re off in days with strangers and you can’t remember
anything except way you sound when you told me you didn’t know what I
should do.



Its’ a long road out to recovery from here, a long way back to the light.
A long road out to recovery from here, a long way back to what’s right.



And so I wake up in the morning just like every other day and like every
boring blues song I get swallowed by the pain, so I fumble for your figure
in the darkness just to make it go away. But you’re not lying there any
longer and I know that its my fault so I been crawling on the floor and
pounding on the walls and I’ve been divvying my darkness and serotonin
boosters, cider and some kind of smelling salts.

Songs of 2012

My music taste has gone a little indie folk this year.

My top tunes have been

Of Monster and Men, Little Talks


The Lumineers, Hey Ho

Birdy, Skinny Love

All are backed up by excellent albums

On a personal note have to include two tracks from my Wedding this year.

Josh Groban, You raise Me Up, Which was sung in the church during the service.

Adele, Make You Feel My Love, Our first dance.