Need sleep

Another period of insomnia, I do hope it doesn’t last many more days its draining me.

Here’s a Painting I did of my eyes at 5am yesterday morning.

Insomnia Nights

Snaps and Doodles

Got new toy recently as a present of a graphics tablet so started some scratching with Corel Painter.





Also being playing with HDR photography again with my Camera

Bosham Harbour

Bosham Harbour

New Boys Toy

Boys like new toy’s… This one does anyway and having been restrained and not buying a new PC and just upgrading the graphics card I thought it was time to replace my trusty old Nikon that had travelled the world with me and taken many thousand shots.

Got myself a nice new Canon 450D entry level Digital SLR camera, so can start taking decent snaps again.

Only played with it round my girlfriends flat today but so far I love it and started the long bank holiday weekend in the usual frenetic way but did get to have another go at teaching the youngest to ride her bike and seeing that sense of achievement and pride on her face as she gets the gets the hang of it. Tomorrow should be typical British rainy weather so a chill out day should be in order.

450D flower

Selsey Lifeboat Station Pics

Selsey Lifeboat Station, originally uploaded by ukjohnd.

Added a few pics to my Gallery, accidentally broke both my beloved old camera’s that have travelled the world with me in the same week(The air was blue).
Got myself a little camera as a prezzy while I look for another big one, might try an SLR next as they’ve plummeted in price the last few years and my days of buying boy’s toys are over (sob!).
Took a stroll over in Selsey in West Sussex late afternoon and took a few of the winter dusk down by the RNLI Lifeboat Station down there.

London Science Museum

Forceps Childbirth, originally uploaded by ukjohnd.

Added some snaps from a boys day out to the science museum to the Gallery.

Migrated Gallery to Flickr and added some more snaps

DSCN2488, originally uploaded by ukjohnd.

Discovered my broadband package came with a free Flickr pro account which saves me the hassle of managing my own gallery app on the site.

Thanks to FAlbum plugin and Flickrs “blog this photo” feature it makes the whole process easier.

Added some of the snaps from Ghana, will have to start digging around my old hard drives to find some more of my better ones.

Back from a fantastic Irish Break

Been a busy old summer so far, got a new job within my company which will finally give me something to get my teeth into, this alcoholic gets bored running the same old projects year after year, and their letting me loose running projects in the US get a break for a while from international side.

Just got back from a wonderful week away with my fantastic girlfriend, while we missed the kids while they were staying with their grandmother it was great to get a whole week for just the two of us.

We landed a Belfast and had a little luxury at the MalMaison Belfast and were very impressed with the redevelopment of the city centre, and got to have dinner with an old friend who stuck with me throughout the worst of my drinking and her son.

We then drove down the coastal route to Dublin, I visited there 6 months sober seeing it 8 years sober was a very different experience, re-doing things a little while a part in sobriety gives me a great comparison of how much I’ve changed in sobriety.
Got to make a small amend to my late Irish Grandmother who never saw me sober by lighting a candle and saying a prayer for her in St Patrick’s Cathedral.
Dublin is an amazing city and we’ll certainly be going back, even managed to make a meeting there.

We toured over to Donegal, travelled through the mountains along to the Giants Causeway, staying in a hostel (discovered our days or staying in hostels are over, communal living with hippies and scary German Lesbians not fun), visited the village of “Muff” because we could and got a snap of me pretending to “Dive” by the sign, had a romantic Fish and Chips in Portrush under blankies, then drove along the Antrim coast back to Belfast. Tried unsuccessfully hunting for a meeting on the Falls Road, ended up with a tour of the other side of Belfast with the murals and Flags, a little scary as we did rather out of place driving up and down hunting for the place.

Few of the snaps below and more in the Gallery as ever without the people in keeping with Tradition 11

Weeks away in beautiful places with the lady you love and having a bloody good laugh as we did it, is what this Alcoholics Recovery is for, I wouldn’t have gone through all the crap in the early days if their weren’t rewards like this.

Giants CausewayBelfastCoastDonegal MountainsPortrush

Chill out weekend

Finally got to have a chill out weekend without driving places or rushing around, stayed in the village I grew up in and also where my AA home group is. Great to get the chance to escape from City life with my Girlfriend and her kids, even got to have my grandmother over for Sunday lunch. The sun even appeared for us and there was a little respite from the torrential rain.

Life doesn’t get much better than this………

Took a ton of pics but my favorites without people in were just from around the garden.