Chill out weekend

Finally got to have a chill out weekend without driving places or rushing around, stayed in the village I grew up in and also where my AA home group is. Great to get the chance to escape from City life with my Girlfriend and her kids, even got to have my grandmother over for Sunday lunch. The sun even appeared for us and there was a little respite from the torrential rain.

Life doesn’t get much better than this………

Took a ton of pics but my favorites without people in were just from around the garden.




  1. Sober Chick

    Wow do villages still exist? Wait, as far as I know they are in fairy tales. :) I have never been to a real life village. You speak of it and your life with such serentiy.

  2. Great looking site. I’m in recovery as well and have recently discovered blogging. Not quite ready to “come out” on my site yet, but will get there when I need to. Hope you don’t mind if I put a link to you.

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