“Dirty Bill” is dead welcome “Max”

Got my car troubles sorted finally with the help of a friend in the fellowship who kindly came to look at cars with me as I’m clueless with that kinda thing.

Poor old “Dirty Bill” my battered old Mondeo got written off by a rather thoughtless lady in a BMW. Fortunately and most importantly no one was seriously hurt but the pain in the ass was a bump to the head, shock, being late for my first dinner with my girlfriends mother, dealing with the useless insurers, car hire company and finding a new car.

Got to be grateful I wasn’t pissed behind the wheel at the time, I have a shiny clean driving licence, I was insured, I have a car and the freedom to travel where I like when I like and life is just about manageable enough to be able to sort out the life stuff.

Dead Dirty Bill
Dirty bill

Shiny new Max