But Why Do You Drink?

Another insightful Huffpost article from Carrie Amstrong. Great to see recovery from addiction being discussed in the positive and exciting way it deserves on a high profile site.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Southsea Gallery

Just signed a contract with Southsea Gallery for them to sell some of my HexagonEye.com Pixs

Woo Hoo, no longer am I only an old “Piss Artist” but a proper Photographer/Artist too.

6 Months off the fags, passed 3500 days of the booze

So to celebrate, a redesign of this old site to bring it slightly upto date, went with black as I’ve been using it to mostly show off my average pics lately.

Went to IOW convention last weekend and took these snaps off the back of the ferry.

Fast cat

Fastcat rear

Got these wandering around Newport
ace shoe repairs

The Door

And these were the candles on the massive 4 tier birthday cake I made my other half.

Punk tunes for Drunks

Goldfinger LA based ska punk band have some great tracks who’s lyrics appeal to this recovering alcoholic.

Wasted is a little more pop than most of their back catalogue but recommend checking them out.

Also do a fab English/German cover of Nena’s 99 Red Balloons