another day at a time

I’d count the hours between drinks, then in sobriety I started counting the days since my sobriety date. I never thought I’d last 30 days in rehab, then I never thought I’d last the first week out of rehab, but a day at a time and a meeting every day I did.
My little Sobriety Calculator now puts me just over the 2750 day mark, a day at a time. I only comment this minor personal milestone as I would never have thought it would have been possible and I’m grateful I got to see the second half of my twenties and am rapidly progressing through the first few years of my 30’s. (Does time get quicker the older you get?)
None of it would have been possible without the love I have and continue to be shown in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  1. Nice blog. I think I have blog envy.

    I’m just approaching my third AA b/day. What you wrote about early recovery took me back. I counted the days and hung onto the ‘score’ like it was a talisman. I couldn’t believe the first day I had without a drink. Seemed like a miracle. Still does.

    Best wishes


  2. Congrats on your 2750 day plus journey. It is amazing to see the days turn into months, then years.

    Does time get quicker as you get older? Not sure. I am 30, and loving every minute. I hope it does not go by fast.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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