Mummy’s boyfriend day.

Turn’s out I’m a big old softy at heart, my girlfriends kids made yesterday “John’s Day” and “Mummy’s boyfriend day” as a substitute to Fathers day. They’d made me cards with lovely messages and spent ages making me presents, took all I could not to blub there and then when they gave them too me.

After that we all went down to play on Southsea beach and eat ice cream. The evening was my girlfriend and I going out for a very nice dinner with my folks at Edwinns in Fareham.

Great days like this were not even dreamed of when I was drinking and took a while to start happening in recovery but I’m bloody glad I stuck with it and got the opportunity to live a life full of The AA Promises.

Southsea beach Southsea Beach
Image by villageidiot under CC licence.


  1. Micky

    A recent copy of Reader’s Digest has a couple of articles on Alcoholics Anonymous. The crux of the articles is that the famous 12 Steps, don’t work at all. Apparently, there’s no data to support the claim that Alcoholics Anonymous is successful at getting people to stop drinking. From my own experience, the 12 Steps, shut down the critical thinking section of ones brain. What do you think? Comments are welcome!!

  2. Gwen

    That is really sweet. Sobriety really does bring us moments to cherish. At one time in my life I could never have appreciated this. Today I soak it all up.

    Have a great 24,

    Gwen R.

  3. Hi John

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Nice blog you have – more of a proper website than a blog!


    Have a good, sober day.


    recovery road

    ps will link you. Ta for linking me.

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