I’m an Uncle and 250 million seconds off the booze.

I’m an Uncle!!!! and I don’t have to be the embarrassing “drunken uncle” slumped in the corner.

Congratulations to by brother and his wife on the birth of their first baby daughter, might be a little while till I get to meet her unfortunately as they live in Ghana.

My mathematical obsession continues, 250 million seconds since I landed with a bump into my new sober life at the tender age of 24.

I survived the millennium eve celebrations sober, participated in first Christmas sober, first Birthday sober, first wedding invite, first of many things have happened and so long as I don’t have a “duvet day” and go out and participate in my own life then there are lots more firsts to be experienced.

Had my first school concert last night and was fantastic to see my girlfriends youngest 6 year old daughter having a great time on stage singing and dancing.

Slightly blurs Tradition 11 although I’m barely recognisable from this snap of me about 5 years in, on Brooklyn Bridge, so hot that holiday I shaved my head.
Me brooklyn bridge


  1. Wow baby making must be in the air! My brother and his wife are pregant too! It is their first, the baby is due Dec 25th! I am gonna be an aunt, and I pray that God willing I will stay on this path so that little baby will not have to see a drunken aunt.

    Hahaha your sober seconds. LOL, I love it!

  2. Hi John

    I became an uncle for the first time last year. It’s still a bit odd seeing my “wee” sister with her boy. Remembering my sis as a kid etc, etc. Lol. I have lots of stories to tell my nephew about his mum when he gets older!

    Have a good and sober day.


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