I is now Eight

I had the most wonderful day on Thursday 19th, celebrating Eight years of recovery.

Cards, text messages, presents and treats.

I got given a day out being pampered at a relaxation centre in my home town, with Spa, Sauna and a full body massage by my wonderful girlfriend, and then taken out for a great dinner at an Italian Restaurant, great food and a vibrant atmosphere generated by the highly excitable owner and staff.

My girlfriends girls made me cards and I now have the campest pink nodding poodle in the back of my car. I was given every 8 year old boys dream a scaletrix, a space hopper, two lava lamps and a Bagpuss video.

I never thought I’d make 8 days out of rehab let alone 8 years, its been one hell of a roller-coaster ride at times and taken me to places I’d never even have dreamed of when i landed in AA just wanting the crap to stop. I have the most F*cking fantastic life today thanks to AA which I would never have got to see if I hadn’t been willing enough to keep coming back and not pick up a drink a day at a time.

8 year Sobriety medal


  1. Sober Chick

    Happy 8 years!!!! That is a long time to be living free from the poison that can and does take us down. You have been showered with many little reminders (like the cards, that is too precious).

    May you continue on this wonderful path you are living.


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