Big Conventions, Swimming, a Sparkly Cowboy Hat and remembering old friends.

Last weekend went over to the English Southern National Convention at Brean Sands for the second year running. Never really been a convention person but my good lady keeps getting asked to share at them and loves getting involved in them.

Had a very different experience this year as was looking after the girls for most of it, went swimming for the first time in 16 years (even did it twice in two days) Defiantly getting over any body image issues I may have once had, does help being a darn sight fitter than I ever was and not the emaciated weakling I once was.

Saturday night was the dance and had a fantastic time dancing with my good lady and the youngest of the girls sporting the campest of sparkly Cowboy hats. Everyone we were with had a great time including my 1st sponsee both that evening and also earlier in the day at the fun fair on roller coasters, bumper cars and various other rides.

Doing my Daddy Daycare bit meant I didn’t do too many of the meetings but attended the Spiritual Meeting on the Sunday morning with the girls, there was barley a dry eye in the room of around a thousand as the meeting was dedicated to the memory of Malcolm O who passed away recently and who did a huge amount of Service work for this fellowship and the Southern National Convention. His widow Sheila spoke of his service to AA and how in even the darkest times towards the end was still committed to AA service and this program and also the support that the family of AA gave them.

Malcolm was the warmest and gentlest of men and will be well remembered by the many people his life touched, I will always remember the singing at the spiritual meeting of Josh Grobans “You raise me up” which was also played at Malcolm’s funeral.

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