Home Group Curry Night

My Home group has a tradition, that’s stood for longer than I’ve been there, of several times a year having our Friday Night meeting (usually declared an open meeting so family members can come) and then going out for a Curry after.

I remember my first curry night, a few months sober, shaking and nervous not really having been out in a large group before without drinking. Good thing was it was with people in the fellowship, so it was safe, didn’t stop it being scarey tho. Next time I came to going out to ‘wet’ placed with a large group it was so much easier having done it first in an AA situation.

Last night was a cracking night as usual, we were the loudest table and laughing the most. AA, for me at least, is not just about meetings and Big Book studies and long serious conversations about the program. It’s about living and enjoying life and what better way to spend and evening than enjoying good food and good company.

As is the norm at these things the confusion on the waiters face when 15 people all turn down the free shot of liquor at the end the meal is great.

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