My site got broke

Unfortunately my hosting provider 1and1 had a server down which took out all three of the sites I host, seemed to be down for the 7th Aug and they restored data from backups over 48hrs old. This left me having to redo a load of development work on, considering this is the first major hit since I started using them in 2003 and it wasn’t that bad I guess I can’t complain too much.

Cable Site Live

Yet Another UKJOHND hosted and designed site has gone live tonight.

A site dedicated to and about Cable, the alternative/experimental band from Derby that gathered a massive cult, underground following.

This is already set as “The” on-line resource for all things Cable.


WordPress 2.0.3 Upgrade

First ever upgrade of wordpress since installing it from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3, and it went as smoothly as a freshly shaved hamster, thanks to the easy instructions.

Apparently I get the following.

  • Small performance enhancements
  • Movable Type / Typepad importer fix
  • Enclosure (podcasting) fix
  • The aforementioned security enhancements (nonces)


Ahh the memories

Found an old copy of this site from over 3 years ago with it's big blocky Flash menu, back when I tried hosting the site from a server in my flat. Still it taught me how to break an IIS server and then give up and learn how to set up an apache server.


2003 Site Layout

Audio (Big Book) Files Updated

Added some higher "FM" quality MP3's of the AA Big Book for those who have difficulty reading to the audio section.

2500 Days Clean and Sober… One day at a time.

Wow, never thought I could go a whole day without a drink when I was out there at it. On leaving a rehab having been dried out and thankfully introduced AA I just about had Step 1 but had little hope that AA could work for me. 

Meetings, sharing and service. Sticking with those with good recovery. Not Picking up the first Drink. Simple but not always easy, although most defiantly worth it.

Recovery from my Alcoholism has given me a life I'd never have had if I hadn't landed with a bump in AA age 24 and it's all thanks to this amazing Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and the love and kindness of the recovered Alcoholics I have met or have yet to meet within it. With the help of AA I can only hope I get to travel many more miles on this journey.

Thought I'd resurrect this old site, at this personal milestone, having left it sat unattended for a few years, although you won't catch me blogging to get my recovery, in my experience on-line AA is a good resource but it's no substitute for meetings or talking with a fellow alcoholic.

AA symbol