Happy New Year and Now is a Time to be careful.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the Internet and Recovery peeps, this must have been the quietest Christmas Holiday I’ve ever had and I must say that the break has been much needed. Contrast that to last years Christmas Ghana trip, for my brothers wedding, it has certainly been less eventful and far colder but good all the same.

Passing on a message that was given me in my early days which was to be careful post holiday period. Particularly after my first few Christmases in recovery I found, having had my defences up against the excesses of the period around me, January was quite a comedown. There also seems a higher than normal rate of relapse after Christmas, so I will, as usual, up my meetings for a bit and get back into a regular routine.

Keep Safe and Happy.

Fixed stuff

Thanks to the lovely Sérgio Luís Lopes Júnior and his very clever IEs 4 linux script for wine and some free time finally, I got to test this site with Internet Explorer for the first time in a while, not surprisingly the layout was screwed on IE only, so hopefully now fixed for everyone still stuck on IE.

Also finally got round to fixing the sobriety calculator “235,177,452 seconds” Yay……..

The newly revamped gallery section is starting look to presentable too, although in the interests of preserving Tradition 11 and to protect the innocent and the not so innocent all those pics with people in em have had to be hidden from public view.

Top Movie – Red Road

Went to watch Red Road last night down at the Harbour Lights Cinema in Southampton.

This was a really powerful film set in Glasgow, the cinematography had a very realistic style showing the tenements and estates in Glasgow. Directed by Academy Award winning director Andrea Arnold the film deservedly won the Prix de Jury at Cannes, with an exceptional performance from Kate Dickie as the lead character Jackie portraying the tragic and grief filled CCTV operator.

Would recommend the film to anyone who loves cinema and a powerful story that leaves you guessing all the way through, although not for the prudish.

The film blurb reads.
“Jackie works as a CCTV operator. Each day she watches over a small part of the world, protecting the people living their lives under her gaze. One day a man appears on her monitor, a man she thought she would never see again, a man she never wanted to see again. Now she has no choice, she is compelled to confront him.”

red road 1

red road 2

red road 3

Site Ranking in Alexa

How Bizzare the internet is, this little collection of AA stuff and my idle posts on random stuff somehow ranks seventh in the Alexa ranking for UK AA sites listed in the dmoz Open Directory Project… http://www.alexa.com/
Also ranks 9th in Europe  not sure how accurate that is but sounds kinda cool, I only hope this little site spreads the message a bit.

Recovery Rocks

Considering I landed up in AA just to stop the pain and fear that ruled my life in active adiction, recovery just continues to amaze with those things that are truly beyond any of my wildest dreams.
It’s seen me zooming around Manhatten in a helicopter, eating lobster under Sydney Harbour bridge and seeing elephants in the wild in Ghana.

Yesterday I had the joy of floating over the Sussex English coutryside in a Hotair balloon. Such stillness and peace flying with the wind thousands of feet high.


AA sites

I’ve always kept an lazy eye on the AA/recovery related sites out there particually those in the UK. The Electronic Communications Team at GSO is York have been doing some great work on the official UK AA site adding some great stuff for both the public but also members of the Fellowship, including forums/doc repositories and even an online shop for conference approved material.

The advent of addicts blogging recovery still leaves me unsure as to whether it’s a good thing or not to be bearing fragile souls to the internet, that’s not just a recovery thing though rather the nature of blogging, but there are some really great recovery blogs out there.
Check out sober chick who’s gratitude for recovery and life is a good reminder to me of its importance when my head is disapearing up my arse.

Phils Recovery Shed has evolved into a great unofficial UK AA site, with an emphasis on Fellowship/Community, Phil has done a supurb job of putting together a very slick recovery site with a growing Forum at its heart with over 80 members.

Phils Recovery Shed

My site got broke

Unfortunately my hosting provider 1and1 had a server down which took out all three of the sites I host, seemed to be down for the 7th Aug and they restored data from backups over 48hrs old. This left me having to redo a load of development work on sublingual.co.uk, considering this is the first major hit since I started using them in 2003 and it wasn’t that bad I guess I can’t complain too much.