BF2 Stats

My very Average BF2 stats, boys will be boys, nothing more demoralising than getting your ass kicked by 14 year olds.


2500 Days Clean and Sober… One day at a time.

Wow, never thought I could go a whole day without a drink when I was out there at it. On leaving a rehab having been dried out and thankfully introduced AA I just about had Step 1 but had little hope that AA could work for me. 

Meetings, sharing and service. Sticking with those with good recovery. Not Picking up the first Drink. Simple but not always easy, although most defiantly worth it.

Recovery from my Alcoholism has given me a life I'd never have had if I hadn't landed with a bump in AA age 24 and it's all thanks to this amazing Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and the love and kindness of the recovered Alcoholics I have met or have yet to meet within it. With the help of AA I can only hope I get to travel many more miles on this journey.

Thought I'd resurrect this old site, at this personal milestone, having left it sat unattended for a few years, although you won't catch me blogging to get my recovery, in my experience on-line AA is a good resource but it's no substitute for meetings or talking with a fellow alcoholic.

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Shuttle Launch

Copyright Ben Wang 

Copyright Ben Wang

Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. This is a five minute exposure taken from about 7 miles away from the pad. Taken with a borrowed all-manual Nikomat camera, 24 mm lens, f/16, Kodak Royal Gold 100 film. When the exposure was stopped in this shot, the shuttle was approximately 229 statute miles downrange.